The Porn Clown Posse My posse, my community, my friends, my nasty little clown playmates. The PCP is a San Francisco based porn performance troup    
Amber One of my very favorite San Francisco DJs    
The Cyberbuss Join them as they broadcast their various trips all over the place             
Rockass Francois Fly does nutty shit in Sacto    
Fleeting Image Proof that simplicity can be beautiful. A friend of mine creates this beautiful cache of images    
Laughing Squid My local web host and top secret informer of all thing underground in San Francisco    
The Eulenspiegel Society The nation's oldest BDSM organization (and the first to welcome Ouchy at an event!)    
Thunder In The Mountains one of the nation's premier leather festivals, held In Denver each year    
The Society of Janus A San Francisco based BDSM organization    
Burning Man A week long arts festival held in the middle of the Nevada desert the week before Labor Day    
Dancesafe A great place to learn about drugs and rave community    
Laughing Squid A SF based internet provider and guide to all things underground    
The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence The strangest service organization I know of, around since 1979!    
Bob Deegan Master of the Single Tail Whip    
Scarlet Letter Services My buddy, Frank Strona    
Midori San Francisco's "Ambassador of kink." (and quite a beautiful woman too)    
Dr. Susan Block Dr. of Erotic Arts and Sciences    
Braingell Radio Hard Rock radio station to rattle your little brain    
Puppet Terror Magazine For those of you whohave ever been or are terrorized by puppets. Nuff said.    
Elaine Rose A fan with a penchant for women's clothing    
Mistress Eisanna A fave fan of mine here in San Francisco    
Sister Roxanne Roles Ouchy fan number one from the get go    
Mistress Norma Jean A fellow Texan and true kinkstress    
Glenn Campbell Photography Its all about the art and beauty    
R. K. Sloane Freakish clown art that will make you shudder with terror    
Adam Janes Childlike art that appeals to my inner child. One of Adam's pieces hangs prominently over my mantle.    
KRK Ryden An Oakland homie who produces some strange art    
Mark Ryden KRK's lil bro. Ya gotta love a guy who has a painting of the patron saint of clowns. His work is ethereal and otherworldly    
Mindful In The Storm just beauty, pure and simple    
Fucko Labs Be sure to tell them their logo is nice, but their site is for shit    
Jesus Dress Up How can you resist?    
Peter Pan I was robbed at last year's webbies    
Aerial Kite Photography Beautiful photography from a kite at the 2001 Burning Man    
The Demotivators Collection For when you just need to feel demotivated    
Virtual Bubble Wrap Go ahead and waste your time, you know you want to    
Urban Myth or Real? Is it online BS, or the real thing? This site will tell you    
A Very Industrious Clock When you need to know the time    
Modern Living I can't even begin to explain... just click and go there    
Bastard Son of the Lord Hompage I think that says it all, really    
Miss Muffy and the Muff Mob Funny animated shit obviously created by genuises    
ID that Pill Website dedicated to identifying pills (could come in useful, ya never know)    
Aubrey's Playroom My longest interview to date    
Unplugged TV Home of Konspiracy Korner and Ulf    
Happy Death Inc. Cows and skulls (oh, and clowns) Hate the game, not the player    
Fade To Black A comedy magazine to tickle your funny bone (or some other bone)    
Divine Interventions Jesus Dildos and more religious things to put where you really shouldn't (an Ouchy fave)    
Cafe Press These are the guys that print up all the Ouchy schwag. They'll do it for you too!    
Mr. S Leathers Our local BDSM and leather supply    
Iron Rose BDSM toys and education too!    
The Leather Crypt Cincinatti's premier leather store    
Medical Toys For you medical fetishists    
Clown Antics Clown supplies for your every clown need (well, almost)    
Clown Supplies Where Ouchy buys a lot of his clown stuff    
Want Fries With That? More raver stuff than you can shake a stick at    
Fake Teeth You definitely need new teeth (fo sho)    
Reprot Depot Fabrics Ouchy likes to sew, what can I say    
Classic Shaving You gotta buy your straight razors somewhere. Might as well be this excellent purveyor of all things related to the arcane straight razor, Ouchy's favorite implement for hair removal.    
The Odeon Bar San Francisco's newest hipster dive    
Spanganga Representing the groundswell of art in the bay area, a new art venue (and home of Splosh!)    
Cell Space Arts and performance space extraordinaire    
The Werepad Best place to catch a movie and a cocktail    
Pickles The Clown hot lil clown I met at Folsom Street Fair    
Knockers The Clown aka Dr. Ducky doolittle    
Beta Lounge A great internet radio station    
Groovetech Internet stations in SF, LA and Seattle    
Dublab More great internet radio    
Soma FM Uh, yeah, you guessed it... more internet radio    
Space Age Pop A great guide to the lounge tunes of yesteryear (and a super stylee site too)    
Miserable Melodies The worst of the worst music of all time (and a site I love)    
Other Music NYC One of my favorite indie record stores    
Downtempo dot Org A great site for learning more about downtempo beatz    
Foetus Oh yeah... one of my favorite bands for a lotta years now